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Mary Lou Jubin

Norton, OH, USA


The goldfinches find a gourmet buffet in my garden! They dine on the seeds of my sunflowers, cosmos, daisies, marigold and heliopsis. The goldfinches brighten my day in every way!

Bright As The Sun!

"I love visiting your garden!"

8 replies on “Bright as the sun!”

Evelyn Crawford says:

What a beautiful photo of a very contented goldfish!


Looking forward to warmer, sunnier days!

Lucy Gelley says:

You always capture the greatest photos of birds and you nailed it with this one !

Thomas Ritter says:

Great photo as usual.

Veronica Schell says:

How wonderful to be able to create such a beautiful photo. Your garden must be great to produce such seeds

Annette Hermetz says:

WOW! Brilliant and beautiful

Laura Riggle says:

We need all the brightness we can get these days! What a beauty. You are a wonderful photographer. Left you a message on Ancestry. Apparently we are cousins!

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