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Mary Lou Jubin

Norton, OH, USA


I pack a lunch in my backpack and take my camera for hikes in Silver Creek Metro Park. I pass four ponds on the 3 mile hike and I’m always on the look out for the great blue heron. When I find a heron I eat my lunch as he catches his lunch. I snap as many photos as I can. When the heron catches a really big fish he carries it to shore. I watched this heron for a long time before he was able to swallow the fish whole!

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Gone Fishing

Lunch break!

12 replies on “Gone Fishing”

Veronica schell says:

Wow great picture. Patience has its rewards.

Nice break from winter!

Alma. Houston says:

Great picture.

Wow!! Can’t believe he ate that huge fish whole!! Great picture Mary Lou.

joanne FOX says:

Amazing to catch this on film!

Deborah Spero says:

I can’t imagine the time it takes to capture such a moment. Truly amazing!

Dave says:

Nice piece of timing. Beats looking at the dim skies around here these days.

Martina Wislson says:

Great picture

Evelyn Crawford says:

What a great photo! Great blue Heron certainly is enjoying his lunch!

Lucy Gelley says:

What a dynamic photo !
This is truly a winner .

Sarah Manka says:

I’ve never seen such a big fish caught like this! Well done! Great picture!

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