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Briana Fisher

Linden, MI, USA


I was never a fan of the Blue Jay and the way they empty my feeders until I read Julie Zickefoose’s book, “Saving Jemima: Life and Love with a Hard Luck Jay.” Julie opened my eyes to the Blue Jay’s species. I fell in love with how smart and loyal they are. I now understand so much more about Blue Jays that I appreciate them and understand that when they empty my feeder, they are caching food to eat later.

I absolutely love this photo of this Blue Jay that visited my feeder and has started feasting on the suet balls. It’s as if he’s saying, Got Suet? For we all know that most of those suet balls will be hauled off by this blue jay and his flock!

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Got Suet?

Got Suet?

One reply on “Got Suet?”

Jackie Eak says:

I have always loved Blue Jays, they have been my most favorite misunderstood bird for many years now.
I have seen many photos of them & have taken my own too, but this has to be bay far the best photo I have seen in a long time! <3

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