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Ridgefield, CT, USA


Zinnias remind me of my Dad. I have started to plant them every year in pots on my deck in his memory. I get to enjoy birds, butterflies and hummingbirds as well as bees and other insects up close!

Hungry Goldfinch

Sometimes you have to stop and eat the zinnias!

10 replies on “Hungry Goldfinch”

Linda Kenney says:

Lovely photo!

Tammy Baker says:

So pretty! The colors really pop out.

Kathleen says:

Beautiful subject!

Dani Strand says:


Dani Strand says:

Very beautiful image

LaVerle Jessup says:

Fabulous photo.

Cubby O'hara-Close says:

Stunning and clear photograph of this exquisite bird going about its daily life. Capturing moments like these takes patience and a really good eye.

Jane Seltzer says:


Nancy says:

Absolutely stunning photo!

Colleen says:

Another amazing photo from Regina!

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