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Michele Morningstar

Friendsville, PA, USA


I call this bird my nemesis. I see and hear Ruby-crowned Kinglets all the time on my property here in Friendsville PA, but getting a photo of one is a challenge as you can imagine! They don’t stay still for very long! They also don’t flash their crown often enough either, though I did get a partial flare at one point. The photo was taken in April of 2018 while I was birding my property.

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Species: Ruby-crowned Kinglet

King(let) Without A Crown

Boring can be beautiful too!! And this Ruby-crowned Kinglet may not be flashing his red crown, but he sure isn't really boring either. I call this bird my nemesis. The photo was taken while walking my property in Friendsville PA in April of 2018. This lil guy was bouncing from one branch or bush to another, finally stopping just long enough to get his picture taken! Finally!

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Mary Jo Hart says:

Amazing photo

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