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Sujata roy

Morrisville, NC, USA


Two summer back, I had the great opportunity of observing an towhee family. Since they are mostly skulkers, during summer time, the parent towhee were busy feeding the family. At younger stages they are tough to id as their plumage tones are very neutral, almost brown tones. But as they grow up both the male and female show distinct color patterns. The female towhee is very shy and often stays near the undergrowths. The fence post was the farthest in my yard and mostly birds would perch on it, before flying upto the pines. I found this female towhee giving a look-back pose to me before dashing to the undergrowth. The colors now very disntict, almost in teenage stage. Also I find the female towhee is less photographed as compared to the male counterpart. I love the fluffiness of this young towhee, giving a glimpse of the feather details.

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Look Back

2 replies on “Look Back”

Theresa Nickels says:

Great Catch!

sujata says:

thanks Theresa

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