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Macomb, Michigan, USA


During spring migration, this adorable Pine Warbler spent a couple of days in my backyard last year. He was very friendly with the other birds and surprisingly unskittish. I called him Mustard Boy because he reminded me of my favorite condiment. I hope to see him again this spring.


Mustard-coloured Spring Surprise

16 replies on “Mustard-coloured spring surprise”

kat says:

this made me day!! what a handsome boy, best wishes to both of you xx 🙂

Miles Thompson says:

Always enjoy Ostdrossel’s photos….

Mimi says:

Great photo, love it!

Brenda says:


Kelly PC says:

One of my favorite bird people to watch on the gram!

Nancy says:

Ostdrossel photography is always entertaining. She captures the spirit of the bird.

Fran Norris says:

Love all the pictures that Ostdrossel’s posts.
Yellow is a beautiful color 😊🧀🍋🌼🐣💛

Lilli says:

Such a beautiful boy and capture!

Jill Lokan says:

Love this beautiful Mustard Boy and Ostdrossel’s pics!

Boarix says:

Love this feathered sun beam. Ostdrossel’s photos are always a delight!

Ostdrossel says:

Thanks for the kind comments 🙂

Kathy says:

Love your videos…from Emerald Isle, NC

Patricia Longo says:

Beautiful like all his pictures. Gems each one of them🥰

ski says:


Miles Thompson says:

As always great pictures from Ostdrossel

Miles Thompson says:

tweety bird?

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