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Nancy Nygaard

Prescott, WI, USA


I have planted many trees and shrubs in our yard to attract birds. This juvenile Baltimore Oriole was one of many that come to snack on the berries of this lovely Red Twig Dogwood as well as hang out to dry after taking their bath at the nearby birdbath. I have devised a feeder set up specifically for the Orioles using oranges and grape jelly and it attracts many varieties of Orioles – Hooded, Bullock, Orchard, Baltimore. Because we are surrounded by prairie, we see many Orioles. I love watching the juveniles come to the feeder and birdbath as they chatter at one another and scrap with one another for a place at the birdbath and feeders!

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Species: Baltimore Oriole

Oriole Heaven

Why yes, I would love to have my photo taken!

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