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Jennifer Hyypio

San Francisco, California, USA


I was visiting one of my favorite places on the plant where I banded raptors and staffed a wildlife hospital. An amazing segment of my life for 22 years. After a wonderful couple of weeks visiting my special places at Mono Lake, Yosemite and the Mendicino coast we were visited friends in SF.

I went down to the wharf with camera in hand, for sea food and watching sea critters. It was the end of a bright blue and golden day. Brown Pelicans were coasting in for the evening and Double-crested Cormorants lined the piers with wings spread for drying. Several flocks of Pelicans past by at eye level skimmering the waves. I love this photo as two Pelicans appear to exist in the same space. A great way to close an amazing adventure.

“Pelican Two”

"Pelican two"

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