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Maria Overlay

Valparaiso, IN, USA


Bluebirds love their mealworms as you know, so when I noticed bluebirds visiting my yard, I went and bought them some mealworms and put some on our deck ledge where they seemed to like to visit! After many photos, sure enough I got a great one of this guy looking quite full!

Stuffed Belly Bluebird

A beautiful bluebird after enjoying a mealworm snack!

4 replies on “Stuffed Belly Bluebird”

Dena Dennis says:

Maria takes amazing pictures. She has a passion for photography and a incredible love for animals.

Maria says:

Dena thank you so much! I truly do love wildlife! Thank you for your support!

Maria says:

Thank you, Michelle! It is one of my favorites. Bluebirds are so pretty!

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