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Mary Santangelo

Effingham, Illinois, USA


Blue Jay

“Super Jay”

I have many birds that frequent my peanut feeder. The Blue Jays are there daily. They are so fast! They swoop in, grab the peanut, and are gone in a flash!

11 replies on ““Super Jay””

Theresa says:

Awesome love it

Danette says:

I’ve seen other photos from this photographer, many beautiful shots

Donna says:

Love this picture and all her pictures

Jermiah Duddleston says:

The light gives the subject an other worldly appearance.

Jermiah Duddleston says:


This is a great shot!!

Linda says:

Love love love ALL of Mary’s pictures

Liz Sexton says:

Stunning absolutely beautiful!

Janice says:

Good luck Mary!

Barbara says:

Love the colors & pose just gorgeous

Her photos are always stunning!

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