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Gretchen Dunham

Franklin, TN, USA


The perfect profile of a striking sparrow.

White-crowned Sparrow

16 replies on “White-crowned Sparrow”

Kathy Nardone says:

Good luck

Karen Curran says:

Great picture!

George says:

Incredible pic!

Jane Trachsel says:

Awesome picture

Sarah says:

Love it!

Cherie Grammer says:


Tamara McMahon says:

Great picture!!

Sandra says:


Linda Bassett says:

Beautiful photo the bird is absolutely beautiful.

Susie says:

Perfect capture!

Jenn Jackson says:

That bird sure did strike a pose :))

Nancy Evans says:

Love love love ❤️

Mona Estrada says:

Very meaningful picture 👍

Victoria says:


Blaise Lanni says:

Great Shot

Glenna Wong says:

Beautiful photo, Gretchen, you are an artist. Congratulations!

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