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Theresa Nickels

Grand Rapids, MI, USA


My project for the past few years has been to transform my urban yard into a more friendly habitat for our neighborhood birds. I’ve slowly replaced most of the lawn with native plants, dug and nurtured a small clay-lined (hand crushed) pond and rain garden, added brush piles and of course several bird feeders and houses. It has become quite a refuge for a larger variety of birds than I could have imaged. This little Carolina Wren flits in and out of the brush pile seemly in charge of all activity that takes place there. I have snapped many pictures of the little wren in the brush pile but this one- perched piggyback on the decretive bird on the edge of the small bird bath in front of the pile is my favorite.

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Species: Carolina Wren

Busiest Brush Pile Resident

Little Carolina Wren, our busiest brush pile resident, popped out to survey the yard from a nearby piggy-back perch.

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