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Macomb, Michigan, USA


This Grackle has been a regular for several years, I recognize him by the white marks on his neck. He can look grumpy but also menacing, so he got the name Count Grackula. I love the intense and majestic look of the Grackles, and the rain drops here made him even more beautiful.


Count Grackula Pays A Visit

10 replies on “Count Grackula pays a visit”

F. B. says:

Beautiful picture!

All your pics are great.

Keep the good work going!

sandy says:

I love birds and have been following Ostdrossel since last year on social media. I have to say that these daily pics and posts have really helped me during the chaos and sadness that we have all been through since last March. They have also led me to learn more and more about my feathered friends. She definitely deserves to win =)

Count Grackula is my choice

Kim Walker says:

Count Grackula is so handsome and looks so wise thats why he gets my vote

Elyssa West says:

I vote for count grackula!!

Cj says:

Count Grackula!!!

Bgiaquinto says:

Another great capture!

G Chapman says:

Awesome photo! Good luck!

Beryl Levine says:

Great. shot. Love the Grackle’s expression.

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