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Macomb, Michigan, USA


Mourning Doves are the camera hogs and clowns in my backyard. They seem to love the camera, and often sit there, seemingly admiring themselves, which can result in the most hilarious shots.


How You Doin’?

23 replies on “How you doin’?”

Superbeans says:

I would die for him

Robin Oclair says:

Wow who knew I could eat all the seed!

Michelle Schwartz says:

Cute and puffy!

Deborah Kogan says:

Love him!

Debbie Bleekie says:

Beautiful puffy Mourning Dove ❤️

Carolyn says:

Always love Ostdrossel’s MoDos!

Elise says:

Love the pump and swag

Mark says:

How could someone NOT vote for such a majestic mourning dove?!

I vote for How You Doin Mourning Dove

Casey says:

He is a sphere and I love him 🙂

Sharon C says:

Always like to see what’s going on at Ostdrossel

Stacy Spier says:

Wonderfully fun photo!

Toni Herrick says:

The best

G Chapman says:

The dove is winking at the camera, which is really funny! Great shot! Good luck!

Lana T says:

The one and only Puff Meister!

I would like to enter a photo.

Ostdrossel says:

Thanks, everyone!
Jeanne Wilder, go to the pain page, it will tell you how to submit a photo 🙂

Anthony Z says:

I wish to carress him in my hands he looks so delicate, soft, and strikes a resemblance to everything precious in the world

Nina says:

To me it seems like majestic and plump at once xD love you, birdie.

Wendy says:

💙💙 so adorable. I always love your puffy captures of these cuties!

Jill says:

That wink!!!

leigh says:


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