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Mary Lou Jubin

Norton, OH, USA


I took this photo during a 2021 winter snowstorm.
Bluebirds flock to the mealworm feeder cups on my deck.
The feeders are recycled plastic cups attached to the deck posts.

Hungry Trio Of Bluebirds

Hungry trio of bluebirds!

12 replies on “Hungry trio of bluebirds”

Alma Houston says:

Beautiful birds.


Three gathered together in a small cup! Love it!

Patricia Rydquist says:

Wonderful photo!

Evelyn Crawford says:

Beautiful blueirds photo and what clever feeders they have!

Veronica Schell says:

What a cute picture. I’m glad your feeding these hungry trio

Sue Wheeler says:

Great pix of hungry bluebirds!

Gregory Zuder says:

Awesome photo capture! And three of them? Great colors; vibrant yet calming to the eyes.

Joanne Robinson says:

love the blue birds

Sarah Manka says:

Very unique presentation of a familiar subject–stunning lighting!

Susan Murrell says:

Absolutely beautiful!! What vivid colors. You capture the moment so perfectly! You are a great photographer!

Donald McCardle says:

Miss Jubin always catches the right moment in her photos. Love them.

Sara Poor says:

great idea for re-using plastic!! I’m going to try this, too! and the picture is wonderful. thank you!

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