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Elizabeth Mullee

Middletown, New Jersey


Here is our outdoor classmate, “Jett.” He visits our owl bird feeder every day during our reading lesson. He comes to the feeder and just stares into our classroom occasionally taking a nibble at the feeder. My Kindergarten students will run to the window and he just stays in his “seat” waiting to learn more about being a super reader. It is amazing how long he will just stay put which is why we were able to get this picture.

Jett, Our White Breasted Nuthatch At School.

Jett, our White-breasted Nuthatch is learning how to read in our outdoor classroom a.k.a "Nut Swamp Nest."

2 replies on “Jett, our White Breasted Nuthatch at school.”

David Saidnawey says:

Great photo! Keep up the great work feeding birds, Mrs Mullee and all the students in your classroom. You’re great citizen scientists!

Lydia Mann says:

The kids love watching the birds in the classroom!

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