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Nancy Crowther

Orland Park Illinois


This hawk was eating a rabbit. I slowly crept forward, hidden by tall tomato plants. I was about six feet away from this bird when I got the photo. I sent the photo to a state raptor center, who identified it for me. While I’m concerned about the effects of hawks in my feeder area, I love seeing them, and they do have the right to eat.

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk, Eating A Rabbit

Hawk is interesting near feeders, because it always causes excitement.

One reply on “Juvenile red-tailed hawk, eating a rabbit”

Debra Calvet says:

Beautiful picture!. I love watching birds. I have hawks where I live too but I have never gotten to see one that close. Well through binoculars only. They are a magnificent creature. The joy of creation. I am so glad you posted the picture.

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