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Chantal Taunton

Raleigh, NC, USA


It was a pretty ugly day outside, so I positioned my camera on a tripod and decided to take some pictures from inside my house. I shot this picture through my front window, and I’m pretty happy with it. I’m always excited when either the male or female Downy woodpecker comes to my peanut feeder. They seemed to approve of my peanuts. And my Mom would be proud of my clean windows.

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Species: Downy Woodpecker

Male Downy Woodpecker

Male Downy woodpecker

One reply on “Male Downy woodpecker”

RayRayJr says:

Chantal Taunton,
This is a very good picture, and I was surprised when you said you took it through your window! I love Downy Woodpeckers! They are so fun to watch! I voted for you! Great pic!

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