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diane marshman

New Milford, PA, USA


Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird with her wings fully extended.

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Maxed Out

Maxed Out

13 replies on “Maxed Out”

Pam says:

Truly beautiful

Brenda says:


Cheryl says:

Amazing creature!

Barbara Cloyd Moore says:

I love this photo

Wendy Rapella says:

Beautiful shot Diane ❤️

Fran says:

Amazing pic!

Connie says:

Voted! Beautiful!

Linda Pinter says:

beautiful photo!

Lisa Ladd Moe says:

Such a great photo!

StanLupo Photography says:

Wonderful stop-action of a fast little flier.. Nice job, Diane. Cheers!

Günter Hackert says:

Great shot!

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