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Kathy Bengtson

Effingham, IL, USA


Our bird feeding stations are located near a heavily wooded area which provides protection for the birds. I’ve attached branches to the stations for a natural perch. We also have a bluebird house where we’ve enjoyed watching many broods of babies grow for the past several years. This year was the first time to provide mealworms and Bark Butter Bits and I was so excited to see the adults bringing their fledglings to the bird feeders for the first time! It was such a thrill to capture one of these sweet interactions between a male and his youngster!

More Butter Bits, Papa!

4 replies on “More Butter Bits, Papa!”

Vicky Teague says:

You are a great photographer. Love your pictures.

Kathy says:

Thank you, Vicky!

J.E. says:

Love this photo.

Kathy says:

Thank you, J.E.!

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