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Briana Fisher

Linden, MI, USA


This photo is very special to me. In October, I was observing the large Pileated Woodpecker right out in the open on some trees. Suddenly a bird came sailing past it, and then did it again, and again, and again! I happened to grab my binoculars, and then my camera and got these shots. A juvenile Sharp-Shinned hawk, literally the size of a Blue Jay, kept dive-bombing this huge Pileated Woodpecker. The Pileated did not seem too bothered by it, just annoyed. It was the coolest thing I’ve probably ever witnessed as a birder.

Sharp-shinned Hawk Defends Territory From Pileated Woodpecker

A juvenile sharp-shinned hawk defends territory against Pileated Woodpecker.

18 replies on “Sharp-shinned Hawk defends territory from Pileated Woodpecker”

Kim Dolan says:

Love this!!! ❤️

Delores Niepoetter says:

Beautiful Photo

Diane Huber says:


Carolyn King says:

Love this picture

Linda Hanson says:

Love, love this picture!

Linda Hanson says:

What a awesome picture

Helen Lemasters says:

Great picture of guarding territory. Love it

Karen Mootz says:

Great shot!

Becky Hackney says:

The struggle is real. Fascinating photo showing how birds defend their territory.

Love this photo of Hawk and Pileated Woodpecker
This gets my vote!!!

Jean Leiser says:

Amazing capture!

Dawn Johnson says:

She has some of the most amazing photos I’ve seen -this one is stunning.

All of your photos are good but the Juvenile sharp shinned hawk defends territory against Pileated woodpecker is by far the best.Looks like two warriors getting ready to do battle.Very strong and powerful depiction of nature’s realness.Have you ever thought of shooting pictures for the Audubon society?God speed.

Deborah Macklin says:

Once in a lifetime shot! Beautiful.

Nick Fletcher says:

Amazing photo!

Caroline Smith says:

That is cool

Linda Hanson says:

This picture is just amazing!

Nancy Banta says:

Wow! Amazing!

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