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Paul Thompson

Washington Crossing, PA, USA


First came the Cardinal to take a bath in our bird bath, then he dropped down to the ground, fluffed up his feathers to sun bathe and dry off. Soon, a male House finch came down and joined the cardinal on the ground sun bathing, he did even take a bath. Amazingly, a female House finch joined the action, without taking a bath, and stayed there long enough for me to go get my camera and take a few photo’s to prove that this really happened, and to share this amazing bird behavior.

Sun Worshippers

3 replies on “Sun Worshippers”

Paul Thompson says:

I meant to point out that the Finches did NOT take a bath but joined the cardinal in the Sun-bathing activity anyway. To see birds of different species do this communal activity together was quite amazing!

Alden says:

Most interesting – learned something new!

Marge says:

Now if our political leaders could learn from out bird friends what a wonderful world this could be!

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