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Mark Lowry

Lexington, KY, USA


This shot was gotten in a remote section of Menifee County KY.
I was actually on my yearly quest to try and find some of our very hard
to locate native orchid species on this spring day when I decided
to take a break near an old cemetery literally out in the middle
of nowhere. While resting I noticed this little fella working the dead
branches of a large dead Ash tree just off to my side right at eye
level. I watched this guy dig not one but two of these very large
wasps out of the cracks in the wood, beat them on the limb and
then eat them. I was lucky enough to get several shots with him
eating the second of the two wasps before he went higher in the
canopy and began preening. A very fun encounter and quite
surprising at the skill at which he was able to catch and dispatch
such large wasps.

Wasp For Lunch!

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