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Category 2: Judges’ Choice

Grand Prize Winner

Bluebird bath time

Steven Liffmann

Salem, NH, United States

This bluebird had a ball splishing and splashing in the bird bath. He took a moment to look right at me as if to say “Do you mind, I’m bathing”.

Category 7: Judges’ Choice

Second Place Winner

Waiting for the early bird special.

Lynda Murtha

Tamworth, Ontario, Canada

A friend has been feeding peanuts to a flock of bluejays and without fail they arrive at 8 every morning for their breakfast special. Even in a snowstorm…

Category 4: Judges’ Choice

Third Place Winner

Blue Jay in the snow

Harry Foster

Breckenridge, QC, Canada

Category 8: Judges’ Choice

American Marten on Suet Feeder.

Bob Steventon

Prince George, BC, Canada

This Marten had no trouble making the jump from the trunk of a large Douglas Fir to the feeder hanging from one of its branches. We load the feeder with chunks of fat and fatty bones. The Marten was a frequent visitor in the winter of 2015-16

Category 8: People’s Choice


Larry Keller

Lititz, PA, United States

An late spring snow storm in Pa and the Finch returns to our yard for the second year

Category 7: People’s Choice

Bottoms Up!

Linda Roy Walls

Galestown, MD, United States

The Tundra Swans chose the Galestown Millpond as a winter stopover for about a month on their migration north. Every night about 800 Tundra Swans would descend upon the pond. In the mornings before they ascended back into the sky, they would tip upside down to tug at underwater plants (for food) along the pond border. I was fortunate to get a shot of five swans tipping simultaneously.

Category 6: Judges’ Choice


David Brislance

Lutsen, MN, United States

Category 6: People’s Choice

“high five”

Robert Mirault

Ontario, Canada

Category 5: Judges’ Choice

Bark Butter Battle

Shirley Donald

Oro-Medonte, ON, Canada

Your birds may be ‘sweet on suet’ but mine are besotted with bark butter.

Category 5: People’s Choice

Bushtits Galore!

Chelsea Lincoln

Hillsboro, OR, United States

Bushtits attracted to homemade vegetarian suet on apartment balcony. Such a delight!

Category 4: People’s Choice

Blackberry Robin.

mark landis

Girard, PA, United States

Category 3: Judges’ Choice

Male Anna’s Hummingbird

Sandra Schulze

Bellingham, WA, United States

Overwintering Anna’s have apparently been increasing in numbers here in Bellingham WA over the past decade. No doubt they get the choice of nesting sites, worth the price of population attrition through freezing. I maintain a small population of 4 or 5, also increasing in number each year.

Category 3: People’s Choice

Feed Me!!

S Beebe

Show Low, AZ, United States

This Bullocks Oriole family was hanging out at the jelly feeders and the young one got impatient as it yelled to Dad for food.

Category 2: People’s Choice

Enjoying a Dip in the Pool

Eileen Chorba

Beach Lake, PA, United States

Category 1: Judges’ Choice

Tufted titmouse at the window feeder.

Robyn Newman

Hampton, GA, United States

This Tufted titmouse was one of many birds to come to our window feeder.

Category 1: People’s Choice

That’s A Mouthful

Diane Marshman

New Milford, PA, United States

A female Eastern Bluebird with a colorful capture.

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