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Northern Cardinal by Anita Bhala

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Category 2: People's Choice

Grand Prize Winner

Jelly Squabble!!

Pam Garcia

Mansfield, LA, USA

These 3 seemed to be squabbling over the food and if you look very closely right under the blue jay you will see a cardinal peeping!!

Category 6: People's Choice

Second Place Winner

Close Encounter

Deborah Yaworsky

Olean, NY, USA

Cardinals and snow are made for each other. It always seems that while they spend the warm months fiercely chasing each other off the other’s territory, the sheer numbers of them at the Winter feeders make for more peaceful coexistence. They decorate the trees like Christmas ornaments and while they wait their turn, like this female, the opportunities for picture taking multiply.

Category 8: People's Choice

Third Place Winner

Anna’s Hummingbird

Robert Hechler

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Photographed during a study break at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC. I find birding to be an excellent way to clear my mind of any stresses brought on by school.

Category 8: Judges' Choice

Painted Bunting Out of Range

Andrew Mills

Potomac, MD, USA

This Painted Bunting strayed from his usual winter grounds and found his way up to Washington D.C., becoming a local celebrity and drawing bird watchers from around the region. He was pretty reliably seen foraging on certain areas of the tow path and nearby trails. This photo was taken in a light snow at the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Great Falls National Park in Maryland on the morning of Inauguration Day, 2021. It took about four hours for him to get comfortable and close enough to get this image, but I’m glad I stayed for this once-in-a-lifetime sighting.

Category 7: People's Choice

A snowflake with your seed?

gregory cruthis

Decatur, IL, USA

Subzero temps so we try to keep enough seed out to help feed our cardinals. This guy didn’t seem to mind a snowflake with his seed.

Category 7: Judges' Choice

White-Throated Sparrow Twirl

Nikki Buchalski

East Brunswick, NJ, USA

While I have many favorite feeder birds, I always look forward to seeing a beautiful winter visitor in New Jersey, the White-Throated Sparrow.

Category 6: Judges' Choice

Eastern Bluebird

Larry Keller

Lititz, PA, USA

Category 5: Judges' Choice


Anita Bhala

Pennington, NJ, USA

I put some greenery and berries on the deck as a decorative touch… A surprise visitor showed up and started eating my berries!

Category 5: People's Choice

Tea Party in the Sun

Karen Burke

Enfield, CT, USA

When I set up this Tea Party, I didn’t expect as squirrel and a bird to show up at the same time! Chickadees and red squirrels are very bold/brave.

Category 4: People's Choice

10 bluebirds at a heated birdbath in the winter

Judy Carlson

Spotsylvania, VA, USA

we have a heated birthdate on our deck and after winter snow storm bluebirds gathered for a drink

Category 4: Judges' Choice

Blue jay

Kim Caruso

Ipswich, MA, USA

Blue jays enjoying the old sunflower seed heads

Category 3: Judges' Choice

Check your 6

Neil Hoehle


Category 3: People's Choice

The Dance

Tina Glidden

Benson, AZ, USA

This pair of House Finch appear to be dancing and are totally wrapped up in the moment. A once in a lifetime shot and completely unplanned

Category 2: Judges' Choice

Always room for one more.

John Freidenberg

Belleville, IL, USA

Category 1: People's Choice

This One’s Mine!!

Maureen Hills-Urbat

Cochrane, AB, Canada

I put peanuts in the stump for the birds and then sit and watch the fun. The Blue Jays are usually good at taking turns but there were a few squabbles and managed to catch this interaction between the two birds.

Category 1: Judges' Choice

Snowy Seeds

Diane Murray

Scarborough, Maine, USA

A titmouse stops for a snack on a snowy afternoon.

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A stocky, metallic green hummingbird with a straight bill hovers under a yellow flower as it drinks the flower's nectar.

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Category Winners and Grand Prizes

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Category Winners

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2020-21 Contest Schedule

Want to plan your photo submissions and see when contest winners are announced? Here's a peek at the contest schedule for this season.

Photo Contest

Category 1:

Birds with Food, or at the Feeder

Show us your hungry birds!

Submission & voting:
November 16 - 26

Winners: December 4

Category 2:

It's a Numbers Game

How many species can you get in one photo? Show us the diversity that comes to your feeder.

Submission & voting:
November 30 - December 10

Winners: December 18

Category 3:

Birds in Flight

Diving, flapping, soaring; show us birds on the wing.

Submission & voting:
December 14 - December 24

Winners: January 1

Category 4:

Habitat Around the Home

Show us birds in the habitat you create around your home.

Submission & voting:
December 28 - January 7

Winners: January 15

Category 5:

Avian Antics

Do you have a hilarious photo of your feeder visitors? Share that laugh-out-loud shot!

Submission & voting:
January 11 - January 21

Winners: January 29

Category 6:

Fantastic Females

Celebrating the muted hues of female birds!

Submission & voting:
January 25 - February 4

Winners: February 12

Category 7:

Your Favorite Feeder Bird

Share a photo of the species you are most excited to see at your feeders!

Submission & voting:
February 8 - February 18

Winners: February 26

Category 8:

Rainbow Birds

In deep winter, we all appreciate a little color. Let’s see some yellows, reds, blues and oranges!

Submission & voting:
February 22 - March 4

Winners: March 5

Grand Prize Voting:

March 8 - March 18

Winners: March 19

Data Entry Contest

Category 1

November 16 - December 10

Winner: December 11

What are you most excited for during this season of FeederWatch? Tell us why you love to participate!

Category 2

December 11 - January 7

Winner: January 8

There are many ways to improve habitat for wildlife. What do you do to make your backyard a haven for your avian friends?

Category 3

January 8 - February 4

Winner: February 5

What’s your favorite bird to see at your feeders? Do you wait all season for a glimpse of it, or does it come every day? Share with us what makes that species so special to see at your feeders!

Category 4

February 5 - March 4

Winner: March 5

Antics abound at our feeder sites, whether it is acrobatic squirrels or clumsy birds. Share a laugh-out-loud moment.

FeederWatch in the Classroom

Schools winners announced December 25, January 22, and February 19