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Marsha Zwierlein

Athens Township, PA, United States


Yellow -Bellied Sapsuckers are common in my area but not at my feeder

1st Yellow-bellied Sapsucker At My Feeder In 30 Years

2 replies on “1st Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at my feeder in 30 years”

Laura says:

Congrats and nice shot! We had one at our feeder this year, a first for us, as well. In fact, the first time we’d ever seen one. It was pretty exciting, for sure!

Bob Vuxinic says:

It was 8 years after I moved to Tennessee before I saw one, but since then, I’ve had them stop at my feeders for the last three years, so I hope yours will return more often as well. Yours is a female, but, oddly, I have yet to have a female visit my yard.

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