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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, USA


I’ve been waiting for the Indigo Buntings to show up, and had been getting worried because they were a bit late in arriving. Finally, on April 25th they began appearing, on a wet, cold morning. Now the only Spring visitor that hasn’t made an appearance is the Baltimore Oriole, and I’m afraid that they are going to skip my yard this year (some years they come; some years they don’t).




A New Spring Arrival

Indigo Bunting male

4 replies on “A new Spring arrival”

Laura says:

Holy cow, are these wonderful! Do you make your own feeders, Bob? I’ve been noticing them for the last couple of years, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen any commercial feeders like yours, and I really like them.

Bob Vuxinic says:

Hi Laura. Yes, I make my own feeders, or alter (hopefully improve) ones I buy. Making my own is LOTS cheaper and quick, and I can create a new one, of almost any size, any time the old one gets beat up and grotty. The hardest part is finding the relatively straight branches to use as the frames for the small tray feeders, but I live next to the woods, so I just wander until I find what I need. I just need the branches, plastic window screen material, and a staple gun. If you ever want more interchange, you can send me an email to my name at frontiernet dot net.

Sujata says:

Thats neat work Bob. Even i noticed your feeder shapes and sizes are so different than the commercial ones.
Great spring visitors to yr yard. enjoi…me not so lucky here in this part of carolinas.

Laura says:

Well, we have about 33 acres behind our house- not ours, but donated to the city, So, we have lots of fallen wood. Maybe I’ll send my husband on a birdhouse- natural wood finding expedition!

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