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Edison, NJ, USA


These two photos are screenshots from my video. I was video recording two rabbits enjoying some of the bird seed I put out for my backyard birds (I did not know rabbits like seed) when an explosion of birds in flight caused a ruckus. This sharpy – who was patiently watching the rabbits for about 45 minutes landed quite nearby on my fence and allowed me a moment for a nice video. He didn’t get the rabbit – i think he is a juvenile and not quite experienced enough or even big enough to actually catch a rabbit! I really think he is a sharp shinned hawk, he was considerably smaller than the large adult (female?) Coopers Hawk I see from time to time. I could be wrong, but I think this one is a juvenile sharpy. What a treat! The blue jays harrassed the daylights out of this little guy, but he was persistent!


Predatory birds

A Visit From A Hungry Hawk…

The back of a Young Sharp Shinned Hawk

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