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Seaford, NY, USA


Rare albino sparrow on my window sill. He/she has been coming to my bird feeder for the past few weeks with the other sparrows.


Albino Sparrow

rare albino sparrow on my window sill

2 replies on “albino sparrow”

Eric Fretz says:

Great find. I just (Thursday, July 28th, 2022) saw a white albino sparrow with a flock of house sparrows in Beacon NY.

Ava Johnson says:

Hi Jenni, actually this is a leucistic sparrow. Leucism is the partial loss of pigments in an animal’s body, albinism is the complete loss of pigments. You can still see some color on this sparrow, and his eyes are black, instead of being red/pink like an albino animal would have. She/He’s a beauty!

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