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Teresa Norton

Lansdale, PA, USA


The two photos above are of a bird that visits my feeder regularly. I was stumped as to what it might be until I read an article that indicated about 10 years ago, there were numerous albino House Sparrows that were a result of inbreeding of small flocks of birds. These albinos resembled House Sparrows, but had numerous white feathers throughout. Though the article indicated that these albinos are not as common now, this is my guess as to what this might be.


Albino Variant Of A House Sparrow

Appears to be an albino variant of a house sparrow

2 replies on “Albino Variant of a House Sparrow”

Sheila Carey says:

I believe I have one in my back yard feeder also mine had a little more white though.

Ava says:

Hi, this is a condition known as leucism. Leucism is a partial loss of pigments in an animal, so basically partial albinism.

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