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Trina Littlefield

Scarborough, ME, USA


I was super excited to see this bird- I randomly stopped at the Scarborough Marsh to look for “water birds” since I don’t have many on my life list yet. While waking through the parking lot a woman saw me walking with my camera and asked if I was there for the Avocet. I told her no- I was just there to shoot any bird I was fortunate enough to see lol. She explained to me that her friend had told her an Avocet had been hanging around- and explained to me where I could potentially see it! Even though I needed to be in Portland in an hour I decided I had to find this rare Maine sighting… so I hoofed it down the trail… hoping I’d be able to see where it was located. Well luckily for me there was plenty of other birders who had the same thing in mind- it was like a scene outta National Geographic hahaha!! I made my way into the crowd of “real” photographers and got a phew snaps off when BAM – my battery dies. I forgot to check the life of the one in the camera and left the spare in the car lol!! In any case I’m just super grateful I got a chance to see this beautiful bird.




American Avocet Resting It’s Eyes For A Second

"Just let me rest my eyes a minute..."

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