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Bob Vuxinic



This is the first visit from an American Redstart to my yard. This female, I think, was interested in why other birds were coming to my little tray feeder. She came; she saw; she wasn’t interested; she left. I was extremely lucky that I was there, camera in hand, at this moment, because I got off one photo, thankfully in focus, and then she flew off.

American Redstart Female Stops For A Quick Visit

First visit by a Redstart

2 replies on “American Redstart female stops for a quick visit”

Joan E. Wiitanen says:

How in the world do you get an American Redstart to stop by your feeder?! 😉 I’ve only seen it in the woods in the tall tree tops only once but pumped I did get a picture.

Cannot add to Joan’s comment..
I, have never seen one in real life..

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