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Steen Petersen

Nanaimo, BC, Canada


These are the last pictures before they fledged. All that is left now is a small dilapidated nest. Following this clutch from the eggs being laid till first flight has been and amazing experience. The only disturbing experience was when one of the guarding branches near the nest was broken off. Presumably someone wanting a better look or to take a selfie. Fortunately the mother did not abandon the nest when this happened.

The first egg was laid on May 19th 2019 and the chicks fledged on June 28th. Over that time period I took over 6,000 pictures – thank goodness for digital. This has been a very short childhood for these delicate birds, including learning to fly..I wish them well.



Anna’s Hummingbirds Preparing To Fledge.

Tongue ready for flowers.

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