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Joan Wiitanen

Houghton County, MI, United States


That winter was a fun one to watch the flock come daily but each week it got smaller and smaller. I think it got to be too much for some. Lot’s of below zero temps that year 🙁



Another Close Up Shot Of The Goldfinches Who Handled A Brutal U.P. Winter

2 replies on “Another close up shot of the Goldfinches who handled a brutal U.P. winter”

Great photo, Joan. I am blessed to having the same visits here in Massachusetts this winter. I have counted over 200 Goldfinches in my yard and around my feeders. I just hope that most will survive the winter snows and temperatures.

Joan E. Wiitanen says:

Thanks….it’s so neat to capture them in such a feeding frenzy. I wish I just entered this in “Friends of a feather stick together” but chose a different one instead darnit. 😉

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