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Joan Wiitanen

Tear Lake, Stanton Township, MI, United States


Sent this in to Matt at and he couldn’t identify it. We don’t get Harris Sparrows & never saw a House Sparrow ever this far north in my neck of the woods. I would love to know what kind of Sparrow it is. It’s a larger one. 6 inches at least. Thanks!


Any Ideas? Please Help Identify :-)

3 replies on “Any Ideas? Please Help Identify :-)”

Gary Mueller says:

Hi Joan:

Nice find, it is the Harris’s Sparrow and they are large.



Joan E. Wiitanen says:

Thanks Gary…haven’t seen one until now so they must be spreading into new territories for food.

Joan E. Wiitanen says:

The picture I sent Matt from BirdWatchers wasn’t this exact one & not as cleasr and why he didn’t get such a good look at so little black spotting on his breast and head perhaps.

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