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Linda Cunico

Pueblo West, CO, USA


“Caused by several strains of the Pox virus. Infectious wart can be seen on non-feathered parts of a birds body. This is the more common form of Avian Pox. There is a second form that forms plaques on the mucous membranes, resulting in impaired breathing and difficult feeding.”-FeederWatch /Sick Birds and Bird Diseases”.




Avian Pox Disease -House Finch, Male

AVIAN POX DISEASE on House Finch in my heated water basin!

3 replies on “Avian Pox Disease -House Finch, male”

Texas Bird Family says:

Oh no! Poor little guy!

Linda Cunico says:

Yes, so very sad to see!!! Have you ever seen this with your birds? First time for me, after three years of really observing birds for FeederWatch!

Anita Sirk says:

We have a poor bird that is covered in these in our yard. I feel so bad for it. Can I do anything for it?

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