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Linda Cunico

Pueblo West, CO, USA


After finally looking at photos I took on January 13, 2023, I was sad to see a wart like growth near his eye. I now know it is Avian Pox after reseaching in Project FeederWatch “Sick Birds and Bird Diseases” . I have not seen any other of my bird visitors with this horrible disease, but it is tranmittable through feeders and water! It has infected at least 60 species of birds. Clean your feeders regularly, even if no diseased birds are seen!




Avian Pox Disease_ House Finch_male

AVIAN POX on House Finch, male! -January 13, 2023

2 replies on “Avian Pox Disease_ House Finch_male”

Texas Bird Family says:

Have you seen him lately?

Linda Cunico says:

No, I only saw him on January 13, 2023, hopefully he didn’t transmit this disease to any other of my birds…

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