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Bob Vuxinic—

Crossville, TN, United States

Baltimore Oriole Immature Male

Juvenile male Baltimore Oriole

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C A Kinney says:

How old before a male Oriole reaches full coloration?

Holly Faulkner says:

Hi C A,
Baltimore Oriole males will take about a year to reach full coloration. Adult coloration molting usually starts in the spring in the year after they hatch, but doesn’t fully complete until July-September that year.
-Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant

Hi, I have a concern about my baby orioles, and thought you might have some insight. I found the 1st infant male, June 20th, 2019 flopping around in the yard. At first it had few into something and was still stunned. It did not have a broken wing, or foot. No noticeable disease. Most of it’s dysfunction appeared to be it’s head, flopping/shaking it’s head, so possibly it had a broken neck. It died within the hour.

The 2nd infant female, June 22 was at the grape jelly feeder. It was slower to move about the feeder. I took a close up photo, and it’s eye is nearly closed, much like the finch conjunctivitis the comes around, (although none the last 1-2 yrs.)

Your thoughts are welcome. I love my birds, but the thought to not spread the disease to other birds, means I am going to feelers out on what to do.

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Barbe, Feeders should be cleaned weekly to biweekly in order to prevent the spread of disease. Clean them by scrubbing all debris from the feeders with soap and water, and then soak the feeders in a bleach solution. You can learn more about Sick Birds and Bird Diseases here.

Terry studebaker says:

I use peanut butter jar lids filled with 🍇 grape jelly along with an orange 🍊 half and overripe banana 🍌 on a platform feeder.. I change the lid as soon as it’s empty which this time of the season is almost hourly..Mom is bringing the little ones to feast..
Zone 5 central Illinois


we are from Illinois ALSO

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