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Monique Vincent

Kanata Ontario


My husband Charley added this platform feeder to our other feeders a few days ago. It took a day before our many birds came to it, it is very busy now.



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Birds Feeding At Charley’s New Platform Feeder.

Chickadee and yellowchested house finch at platform feeder.

2 replies on “Birds feeding at Charley’s new platform feeder.”

Jane Nelson says:

I have lost my ID for the feeder watch project. Is it possible for you to supply it. You recently sent me an email addressed to « tootsy » which may help with identification. I hope to participate in the Feeder watch program. Thank you for your help.

Heidi Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hello Jane. Email us at, using the email you signed up with, and any other information you can recall, we can help you find your ID!

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