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Michelle Renelt

Nokomis, FL, USA


We’re trying to identify this bird. It has a partial white collar and a white feather on it’s tail. It is the size of a Common Grackle, but does not have the yellow eye. Anyone know what it is? I’m visiting the Sarasota area in Florida (on the Gulf Coast).
Nothing comes up on Merlin.

Black Bird With A White Collar

2 replies on “Black Bird with a White Collar”

Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

Hi Michelle, This is a Common Grackle with leucism. You can learn more about color variants here.

Fran Gregg says:


We live in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, and we too have a black bird with a white tail and white collar that comes to our back yard feeder. Thanks for identifying the bird for us! : )

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