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David Tanguay

Windham, ME, USA


Cold, rainy day even for May, Temps around 40. This little guy popped in for about a half hour to feed. This is my very first sighting of a Black-throated blue Warbler. There have been a number of Yellow rumps around as well. Also First Oriole pair sighting today. Oranges ore out in case they return.

Black-throated Blue Warbler At Feeder

First Black-throated Blue Warbler ever

5 replies on “Black-throated Blue Warbler at feeder”

Barb Sendelbach says:

Wow! What an awesome feeder bird! That is a double lifer. lol
New for the feeders and new for your yard.

I had one in the yard today as well. I had a 5 warbler day so far today.
But, aside from Yellow-rumped, never had one at the feeders. Congrats!

Dave Tanguay says:

Thanks, Weather has been strange, Snow today and still in the forecast, so might be an interesting few weeks.

Barb Sendelbach says:

Same here in the hills of Jersey. 3 days of rain with 2+ inches plus day temps in the 40’s. Crazy for mid May! But, thankful that we aren’t as far north and high in elevation as you with the snow! Yesterday I had a new yard warbler as well. A handsome male Cape May. So, it turned out to be a 6 Warbler day! I am keeping an eye on my feeders more since you never know!

Good birding!

Dave Tanguay says:

Great Day,! Thanks for sharing. Our Blue was back again today. Another cool. wet day. Seems to enjoy the shelled black oil seeds. I have meal worms in an adjacent feeder, but ,no interest. On the other hand, robins, blue birds, chic-a dee, titmouse, nuthatches raid the meal worms all day.

Ellen says:

black throated blue at my oriole Feeder and Loves the grape jelly

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