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Brian Forsyth

Diamondhead, MS, USA



Blue Bird , Bald Eagle , Wren

Blue Birds Nesting

4 replies on “Blue Bird , Bald Eagle , Wren”

Lisa says:

Beautiful photos! I wonder about the bird in the photo labeled Carolina Wren…. It doesn’t look at all like the wrens we have out west, especially the bill. It looks more like our sparrows in shape and coloration.

Brian Forsyth says:

You could be right I am not an expert. I identified it using identification software . You can find this software in most app stores and the price is reasonable .

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi All, the third bird is a Chipping Sparrow. You can see photos and learn more here. For further identification help, I recommend the Merlin Bird ID app, which is free and available both in app stores, and available on the All About Birds website here (click the Bird ID tab).

Brian Forsyth says:

Thank You – You are right it is a chipping sparrow . I did not look at this pic close enough and gave it enough time .

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