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David Tanguay

Windham, ME, United States


Have a pair of Blue Jays hanging around the front of the house each morning to collect peanuts and meal worms. This one is waiting for a fresh supply of worms.



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Blue Jay In The Morning Sun

Blue Jay catching rays

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  • I, am not on social medias ,so.. that takes care of that….a. beautiful picture of a Bue jay.. which I, happen to love..
    he carries nuts to cache.. and this wonderful species is indeed a very cache species. which.. you captured in his moments of he watched you..
    David,, somehow.. he has also captured you.. and therefore you understood that special
    flick, which you made of him.. to us.will last..
    . so your eyes.. and we participants thank you for getting.. him to look up to you and say thanks for being there and great enough to share it.. go for it..
    a participant feederwatch..

  • Dave Tanguay says:

    Andree, Thank you for your reflection on my posting. Most of the peanuts this one buried are now under the snow. Dave

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