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Katy, TX, USA


The Blue Jays at my feeder are really scared of the other birds! They are scared of the doves, the squirrels, and pretty much everyone. They aren’t scared of the grackles and The Peep through.


Blue Jay Waiting For A Squirrel To Leave

5 replies on “Blue Jay waiting for a squirrel to leave”

JoEtta Wilson says:

I have many Stellar Jays, Wood Peckers(3 different varieties), many smaller birds and a few different squirrels that visit my feeders on my deck daily. They all seem to feed very well together. One of the Jays will peck on the deck rails when he is waiting his turn at the feeder, seems like he gets anxious and is telling the others it’s his turn. So fun and interesting watching them in the morning while I’m enjoying my Chai!!

W.E. Ab bott says:

Thank you for your comment, as I have been watching blue jays in my back yard coming to a flat bird feeder I build and place on top of a fence. I live in Victoria, Tx. 7 miles out side of Down Town.

Amanda says:

They aren’t scared. Especially of squirrels. Blue jays actually watch them in the autumn and steal the food they bury, to the point, squirrels fake bury some to throw them off…..

Karyl says:

I set up a bird feeding station on my apt patio using a plastic watering dish and two quarter barrel sized flower planters with soil in the botton as a base this winter when we got a bad snowstorm. The squirrel would collect the in-shell peanuts one at a time, and buried them all over the front lawn–it looked like a field of tektites had bombarded us with all the pits. The jays also were grabbing peanuts and flying off with them to hid them away, too. Once they realized the squirrel was beating them to the goodies every day, one of the jays started flying up to the feeder screaming a hawk’s shrill cry trying to scare the squirrel off the goody trays. I thought I had a hawk problem, but no–jay acting!

Victoria Van Vliet says:

That’s hilarious!

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