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Jacqueline Hodsdon

Forest, VA, United States




Blue Jays In Our First Snow

Blue Jay Diner

3 replies on “Blue Jays in Our First Snow”

Bob Vuxinic says:

This is an excellent set of photos, but I would have enjoyed a little more description about the location, what they are eating, and whether this happens often.

Jackie Hodsdon says:

Thank you Bob for the lovely comment. These blue jays were visitors to my backyard deck during our first snow in Forest, VA. Blue jays are in my backyard year round and I have had the opportunity to watch their families grow each year. The food is a mix of nuts, fruit, and sunflower seeds. The nuts are the definite favorite for the blue jays.

Bob Vuxinic says:

Thanks for the info. They DO like nuts…just yesterday I counted one Blue Jay stuffing 16 shelled peanuts into its bill before he took off, and that was only because as he tried to fit in more peanuts, the ones already in his bill were falling out.

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