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Doria Sharpe

Charlotte, NC, USA


This bluebird couple found this bluebird house in my yard while it was occupied by a family of chickadees. I ran out that same day and bought 2 more bluebird houses and put them up. The next day this couple was back again and although the male was checking out one of the new houses the female was stubbornly sitting by the occupied house. I didn’t see them anymore until about a week later when the chickadees all fledged and I really couldn’t believe my luck when I saw them sitting there the next day. When they left for a while I ran out there and emptied the house of the chickadee nest and hoped they would be back. That evening they were and they haven’t left since. It’s been a week now. Hopefully I will get to see fledged bluebirds before long.



Bluebirds Find A House

The bluebirds have staked their claim.

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