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Cheryl Fagner

Paradise, NL, Canada


I watched this Blue Jay for many weeks. He would scoop up the seed with his lower beak and raise his head to swallow. As time went by you could see the beak on top was growing again. I haven’t seen it lately though.

Broken-beaked Blue Jay

Blue Jay with broken top beak.

3 replies on “Broken-beaked Blue Jay”

Eugene Holmes says:

I have a stellar jay whose bottom beak broke back quite a bit but picks up seed by placing his face flat on feeder floor he looks a little tough glad to here he may heel I incourage the poor creature to eat plenty of peanuts and sunflower seeds good to here it may grow back and his body will look beautiful again

Eugene Holmes says:

Great site you have I’m an avid ornithologist and have many portfolios of pen and ink with subtle shades drawings on fine paper I specialize in nut hatches and woodpeckers esp ladder backs because of the primitive looks and large eyes.

John Stukes says:

We have a blue jay that has been coming to the feeder for a couple years. The last 1/4″ or so of his beak (upper and lower) is bent upward at about a 45 degree angle.

He’s able to get the peanuts out of the feeder with no problem, though.

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