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Jen Howard

Big Bay Point, Innisfil, Ontario, Canada


I know funny looking bird. This raccoon came out just before our ice storm and ate all the feed I had put on the ground for the ground birds and of coarse the squirrels. It was quite a surprise given the temperature and was snowing. He had a good feed and went back to bed.

A huge bang on the front window took me outside in my slippers on the coldest day. I expected to see something under the window. But saw this beautiful female sharp shinned hawk instead sitting in my lilac tree. Then all of a sudden it flew towards me. I guess it hit the window along with a male cardinal. I couldn’t see this bird as it was buried in the snow at the base of my hydrangea. Off they went. Cardinal crying and struggling the whole way. It was heartbreaking. But this winter is a tough one for our birds of prey. I couldn’t do anything anyways. At least it had a meal this day. It was very hungry. Left not a morsel. And tried to get a dove after that. I still have 8 or more cardinals. So losing one to a bird who may die if it doesn’t get food. Well that was okay.


Busy Back Yard

Funny looking bird!!

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