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Lauren Messinger

Hummelstown, PA, United States


I have been seeing this sparrow frequently at my feeders. At first I thought it was a Song Sparrow, but now I’m not so sure, after noting that it is smaller than a Song Sparrow, has a very short notched tail, and has faint yellow above/in front of its eyes. Does anybody have a comment?

Can You Help Me Identify This Bird?

3 replies on “Can you help me identify this bird?”

Huh, at first glance I also thought this bird was a Song Sparrow, but it’s actually a Savannah Sparrow(Female or immature). Savannah Sparrows do have the the short notched tails and are smaller than a Song Sparrow, also has the faint yellow above the eye and stripes along the belly.They have more pink beaks unlike Song Sparrows. Sparrows are hard to identify!

Lauren Messinger says:

Thank you, after further research I also thought it was a Savannah Sparrow, although range maps made me second guess. Thanks for your help, since this would affect my feederwatch count I wanted to be sure of the identification.

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